Week 20 “A Life I Love”

Change is inevitable.

We create it.

Life is like a dance and if we change the steps we are taking, the dance changes.

So why not create a life we love? love in the sand

Fear.  Fear of the “unknown”.

Funny thing is, nothing is “known”.  We decide what we think and the choices we make.  No one has any power over our thoughts….just us.  What can be more scary than living a life of complacency?  Not having the fulfillment we were designed by our Creator to have.  A life filled with approval seeking from those that offer us no real love in return.

Yet we go on.

We settle.

Until one day we decide to love ourselves as the perfect creation we were intended to be.  Knowing that  “all things are possible to those who believe.”

A decision.

To live fully.

A Life I Love.

love is the master key

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