Week 22 “Change”

Life is the great adventure.   I choose my outcomes.                                     change-the-way-

What I think… is what I create.   My treasure comes from within.

How fun and exciting to think that the way I look at things makes all the difference.  I can be addicted to feelings that are negative and live in the powerlessness…or get quiet and stop dwelling on that which makes me stumble.  To recognize that where we stumble the most, is where we can discover our bliss.

I choose my outcomes.

I use the law of growth (“What ever I think about grows and whatever I forget about atrophies, without exception”) to my favor.  I have become addicted to improving!  Addicted to the joy of ridding the self destructive behavior from my life. Excitement takes over and the details sort themselves out.                                                                                                              I change.  things do not change we changeNo problem was ever solved by the thoughts that created it.  Hence, I must change the way I look at it! No longer am I selective to choose the comfortable…..nope I am all in! I am transformed using the law of substitution (“I can constantly replace a negative thought with a positive one”).

emerson worth waiting forAll things are possible and we create them in abundance by identifying what it is we want that is good and then being grateful for it.  Miracles are happening daily.  By reprogramming the habits in my life…I am the one!  I am not waiting for my circumstances to change or for someone to rescue me!  I change and I choose my outcomes! I can be what I will to be.  The power we can access to create good is within us.  We are never working alone because we have direct access to God!  So take inspired action!

old keys do not open new doors


For once in your life GO ALL IN!  DO IT NOW!

Become a self-directed thinker and celebrate what you find as you explore!  What do YOU want in your life?  Become your own hero!

The feelings….the fear….they are okay!  It just means the reluctant hero inside of you is changing!  Why do we want to stay loyal to our history?

Use the new key.

We are constantly changing.  The heart runs the brain, not the other way around.

” These words, passed down from the ancients, will carry me through every adversity and maintain my life in balance.  These four words are:  This too shall pass. ”  Every worldly thing passes.

Why is it we seek someone else’s approval for our life?  To thine own self be true…

It does not have to be a struggle….I can make it thrilling.  But knowledge does not apply itself.  And we don’t have control over what someone else thinks or believes.  People are perfect for where they have evolved to.  But others do not determine where we are unless we let them….by OUR choice!

Emerson_Quote what lies behind


Dig deep and find who you are….who you were created to be…ALL that you were created to be.   Change is always happening.  How is your life changing?

The choice is always yours.

Blessings,  DawnE