Here we grow again! Week 1

The simple disciplines…daily habits…easy to do and easy not to do. For brief moments the swords are drawn as I recognize the subby trying to challenge my newest desires to keep my new life. However, I recognize those subtle echoes of voices past and I heed not to their temptation. “Today I begin a new life”. Blessed and grateful for each new day to begin again and continue to design a life I love.


4 thoughts on “Here we grow again! Week 1

  1. Thanks Dawn, yes “deprogramming” and “reprogramming” the old self (through the subby). It’s a fight, but as they say in my church with temptation: which force (desire) you feed the most “wins”. The undisciplined side of you, or the self-disciplined side of you.

    I love your blog website, and pictures: very captivating. Glad to have you in my Blog Roll. I look foward to walking alongside of you through this year’s course.

    Blessings, and Aloha!


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