The Laws That Govern Our Mind

So often we start out the day like every other day…with a positive attitude and a grateful spirit!

Then our coffee spills and it all goes out the window (our positive attitude…not the coffee)!

An important piece to remember is the “Law of Substitution”.
It is impossible to think about two different things at the same time!  People THINK they are multi-taking…that is a total lie!  It is IMPOSSIBLE!!  You are simply BRAIN SWITCHING!  So make the switch in your brain a positive one!

If a negative thought enters your mind ~ think about what you are grateful for!  Thank God for all that He has done for you!  Even if you can pull up a time that you experienced that makes you happy!  Just turn from the previous negative thought and think about something else instead!

We decide which direction we are going to take our emotions in our head.  So even if you start having some smelly thinking…you get to switch that over to something else that is positive!

Make you day amazing and be grateful!

Be blessed,


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